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The French words and the corresponding English words that we have in our web portal are listed below. To see the next set of words, an appropriate numerical value needs to be specified in the given textbox. Upon clicking the Next button, a new set of words will be populated based on the value that you have specified in the textbox.
Garlic Ail
Cow Vache
But Mais
Cat Chat
Text Texte
Dog Chien
Entry Entree
Box Boite
Bread Pain
Sweat Transpiration
Hand Main
Fish Poisson
Moon Lune
Head Tete
Mother Mere
Father Pere
Salt Sel
Cloud Nuage
Sky Ciel
Read Lis
Bite Mordre
Dance Danse
Eat Manger
Drink Boisson
Son Fils
Water Eau
Dinner Diner
Food Aliments
Throat Gorge
Gossip Potins