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The Spanish words and the corresponding English words that we have in our web portal are listed below. To see the next set of words, an appropriate numerical value needs to be specified in the given textbox. Upon clicking the Next button, a new set of words will be populated based on the value that you have specified in the textbox.
Mouth Boca
Cow Vaca
Scholarship Beca
Friend Amigo
Horse Caballo
House Casa
Finger Dedo
Head(Body Parts) Cabeza
Neck(Body Parts) Cuello
Eye(Body Parts) Ojo
Ear(Body Parts) Oreja
Leg Pierna
Hand Mano
Buffalo Bufalo
Owl Buho
Life Vida
Fence Valla
Valley Valle
Bitter Amargo
Sour Agrio
Rich Rico
Arm Brazo
Elbow Codo
Nail(Body Parts) Clavo
Nose Nariz
Eyelid Parpado
Hip(Body Parts) Cadera
Waist Cintura
Ugly Feo
Lung Pulmon